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Core Services

Automation & Electrical

Optimization of process and cost-effective solutions

Design, specification, development of control systems. Deliveries of PLCs, embedded controllers and SCADA solutions for industrial applications, and demanding monitoring applications.

Electrical and instrumentation services. Safety (TüV Certified FSE).

We deliver industrial motor drives, both as a part of control system deliveries and as stand-alone products, including a range of Subsea Variable Speed Drives.

We are strategic partners of AVEVA and NI (National Instruments).

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Design and development of applications on cloud and mobile

Our focus is cloud technologies, providing solutions and services and delivering innovation on customers' demand. Our primary technology is .NET using C#, and Angular for the front-end. Usually on Azure or AWS. Our services range from UX, development, DevOps, QA/Testing. 

We are experts on industrial Internet of Things (IoT), where we achieve remote monitoring and remote management over a set of production units scattered around the world.  We are a Microsoft Silver Partner.

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Critical Systems

Design and development of controls for demanding applications

Nebb designs, develop and manufacture controllers (SEMs) and variable speed drives (VSDs) for critical applications, especially for the subsea energy sector. Safety and security are paramount, as well as quality and reliability. 

We have a range of qualified VSDs from 4 kW to 400 kW, and common-off-the-shelf (COTS) controllers (SEMs) for subsea operation. We are also the go-to place for developing custom control and power solutions.

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Subsea Variable Speed Drive 45kW HiRes

Some products and solutions

Subsea Variable Speed Drives

Power transmission to subsea pumps and other power consumers are traditionally hydraulic from the topside. In some cases, electric power transmission to a subsea motor is used, with a VSD placed topside. Our VSDs operate subsea and are qualified to ISO and API. Range from 4 kW to  400 kW.

Zero-Emission Technologies

The awareness of global warming has resulted in the development of new technologies with lower emissions and technologies that can accommodate the capture and sequestration of carbon dioxide. Nebb has a range of patented technologies for the reduction of CO2 and other polluting emissions.

Industrial Internet of Things

Sensors and instrumentation are now connected. Utilizing the power of the edge and cloud platforms enable conditional monitoring, intelligent alarming, interactive notifications, reporting and analytics. Industrial control systems are no longer the same. Our strong team of software engineers focus on  IIoT implementations.

VAPORX - Heat-setting for PMC

A revolution within heat-setting. Cut time and power - save the environment and save costs. Complete finishing in half the time and noiseless.

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