Our Story

Nebb is an innovation and technology corporation originating from Norway. For more than a century, Nebb has been associated with innovation and quality, and Nebb remains a powerful brand in the new millennium

Nebb engineers are experts in their fields, ranging from computer science, automation, mechatronics and process engineering.

We aim to be the very forefront of technology and a center of excellence in our fields of competence. 

Nebb seeks to form lasting relationships with strategic clients and to be a trusted advisor and regular supplier of engineering services and products. We shall be a catalyst to our clients in enabling them to reach their technological peak and business objectives. We shall be a desirable partner because of our high competence and reliability.

Every Nebb employee is part of a network that professionally and socially yields knowledge and confidence. He and she shall be experts in their fields, and it shall be a positive and engaging experience being part of Nebb.

Said about us

We want all meetings to be held at Nebb since that is where the real competence is.


Project Manager

Energy Company

That's the typical great service we always get from Nebb.


Service Manager

Asian Customer

We want to work with you because all projects we have done together have been a success.


Technical Lead

EPC Contractor

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