Concept Study: the Cesam Process

Concept study with funding from Climt project number 203104. Full public report available here (in Norwegian). A news article about the project can be found here.


The oxyfuel process described is based on the currently available equipment. A steam turbine is used in the cycle, as oxyfuel gas turbines are not yet developed. The focus has been on the simplification of the process, as this is expected to be preferred for the first installations. This also means that there are opportunities for improving the efficiency of the process in the future. Advances within oxyfuel gas turbine development and oxygen production will also benefit the process significantly.

The oxyfuel process delivers 124 MW of steam to a reboiler in a post-combustion CO2 capture plant for a 430 MW gas power plant. This covers the total heat requirement for the capture process. In addition, the process delivers 26.8 MW net power, of which the air separation unit uses 11.5 MW. The power requirement for the amine CO2 capture process, including compression to 200 bar, is calculated to 19.1 MW. Thus the total net power requirement for the capture plant will be 3.8 MW.

The overall electrical efficiency of the process, including compression of all captured CO2 to 200 bar, is calculated at 47.8%. This is based on energy consumption in the amine reboiler of 3.41 MJ/kg CO2 captured.

The capture rate of the amine process is 86%. The capture rate of the oxyfuel process is 99.8%. Thus the overall capture rate for the plant will be 88%.

The investment cost for the oxyfuel process is calculated to NOK 448m.