The Nebb Subsea VSD is a complete unit with power distribution, communication, and a high capacity control module for process control.

Assembly of VSD

Going all-electric Subsea

The main goal of technology development is to create a more economical and sustainable solution for the development and operation of Subsea processing. This means eliminating the hydraulic power supply units and hydraulic control system, reducing the topside equipment, and free up space and weight.

As a result, the technology can significantly benefit underwater processing and substantially reduce CAPEX and OPEX.

In addition, the subsea VSD as power distribution and control module makes it possible to develop Subsea wells over longer distances to develop new currently not economical or sustainable fields at significantly lower costs.


For all types of motors, used typically for actuators for valve operations, and small pumps for lubrication and hydraulics.

Complete with power distribution and PLC module for process control.




For permanent magnet motors, used typically for actuators for valve operations, and small pumps for hydraulic, grease, and chemical.

The drive is capable to be powered with AC, DC, or simultaneous power supply.

It is fully capable of automatic or
manual power feed switching according to the demands or power supply failure.



For all types of motors, used typically for active cooling of well-stream, and medium-sized pumps for hydraulics, lubrication, and chemical injection.

Complete with power distribution and high capacity PLC module for process control.

The drive can be parameterized to have a maximum continuous power dependent on motor voltage and mode.


Qualified according to
  • ISO 13628-6
  • API 17F
Operating depth of
  • 0-3000m.
EMC compliance to
  • EN 61800-3
Overload protection
  • IEC146 Class 1 AND Class 2

Typical technical data 

  • Input power 1…55kW
    Input voltage 230…520VAC 50/60Hz
    Regulation modes:
    Vector control with speed feedback,
    vector control open loop,
    Scalar V/F control
    DC choke integrated for reduced harmonics
    Supports most communication protocols
    Integrated PLC module for custom process control

Key characteristics

  • Small - competing solutions are many times bigger.
  • Proven - thousands sold for onshore use.
  • Flexible - operates many types of motors: induction machines, permanent magnet, and servo motors.
  • Robust - tolerate vibration, shock, and electrical fluctuations. 

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