Join us

We are always on the look-out for the best people. We need people that are committed and love what they do. 

The most important quality we look for in a candidate is their attitude. Each candidate must fulfill the formal requirements of our positions, but the right attitude is considered to be more valuable than everything else.

By joining us, you will be rewarded with a company that is warm, welcoming, educational - and always looking to deepen your knowledge and increase your value.

Working at Nebb, you are entrusted with the freedom to excel. You will experience an organization that challenges you and allows you to grow. We realize that life is about more than work and a good work/play balance is very important. However, we want our people to "pull their share" and be pushing for improvement and furthering the team and company. We aim to create an atmosphere in which all our people flourish from that burning desire to go to work when they wake up every morning.


How to apply


Submit your application online below. Should you have questions you can direct them to (Norway) and (North Macedonia).

After you have submitted your application, please allow some time for internal processing. You will receive a note that your application is being processed, and be further informed as it moves along the staging process.

We normally do two rounds of interviews. The primary interview is normally between you and your future department manager. The second is usually with a member of senior management.

We look forward to hearing from you!