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The Adoption of Zero Emissions and Carbon Capture 

Nebb has been working with Zero Emissions and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) for over a decade with a focus on oxyfuel technology.

Our expertise lies in process development and project development. In-depth knowledge of power production processes is necessary in order to design an optimal cycle for the production of heat and electricity with CO2 capture. Based on our experience, we have developed several unique oxyfuel process solutions, resulting in several patents.

Utilising the multi-discipline expertise at Nebb, we have also developed concept studies including cost plans for various CCS projects and process concepts.

Nebb Patents

Why CCS?

In 1992 the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was signed. This contributed to an increased focus on emissions of the climate gas CO2. Today 35% of global CO2 emissions come from power and heat production [IEA 2005]. To reduce some of the world's emissions, one can capture CO2 from thermal power generation and deposit it in suitable underground structures.
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Why Oxyfuel?

Nebb believes that oxyfuel will be the dominating technology for power production in the future, due to the powerful advantages mentioned; up to 100% CO2 capture, no chemicals and no NOx emissions. In addition, there is the potential for a future reduction in energy consumption during air separation, which will favour the oxyfuel technology. The investment costs and installation sizes will, from our perspective, also favour the oxyfuel technology.
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Nebb Oxyfuel Solutions

Nebb is dedicated to the development and application of oxyfuel technology for CCS. Several applications of the technology have been developed during our many years of research and process development. The projects have received financial support from the Research Council of Norway and Gassnova. Some of the solutions are patented. In addition, an oxyfuel power plant concept definition study has been undertaken by Nebb for ZENG AS.

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The Marine Cluster

Marine Cluster combines Oxy-fuel energy plants and algae production to get a unique solution that utilizes "by-products" from both processes to very valuable additives in each other's operations, allowing for the efficient use of resources.

In line with many of the UN Sustainability Goals, this opportunity enables a green shift with emission-free value creation.

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