Making your machines, system, plant or process ready for automation requires a well designed and field proven electrical and instrumentation setup. Nebb has the knowledge to help you to find the right solution to your processes and together we can achieve automation excellence.

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Nebb's strength lies in Electrical Engineering. Our senior-level experts, with backgrounds in various sectors such as energy, pharmaceuticals, mining, metals processing, and district heating, understand industry-specific standards and challenges.

We recognize the importance of dependable and efficient electrical systems in successful automation projects. Our focus is on designing these systems to be reliable and tailored to specific operational needs. We collaborate with your team to comprehend your operational landscape, pinpoint potential issues, and develop solutions to improve your processes and operational efficiency.

With Nebb, you're not just hiring a service provider; you're partnering with a team committed to the practical application of industrial automation.

Electro Design


Electrical Design

We leverage advanced software for electrical drawing, combined with our industry expertise, to plan and execute your desired solutions meticulously. Our commitment extends to maintaining up-to-date documentation, ensuring compliance with safety and governmental requirements.

Electrical cabinet

Electrical Cabinets

Nebb provides a variety of enclosures, from compact HMI cabinets to extensive control cabinets, suitable for environments ranging from dry and dust-free to salty and gas-infused. Our broad portfolio ensures your electronics are adequately protected.




The right data hinges on the right sensor. Nebb, in partnership with industry-leading instrument manufacturers, ensures you have the precise instrumentation needed for your specific measurements.

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