Making your machines, system, plant or process ready for automation requires a well designed and field proven electrical and instrumentation setup. Nebb has the knowledge to help you to find the right solution to your processes and together we can achieve automation excellence.

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Electrical Engineering is one of Nebb’s expertise areas. Nebb has several experts at senior level, with extensive experience in designing and detailing electrical systems for the energy market and land-based industries, pharmaceutical, mining, metals processing, paper/PMC and district heating.

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Electro Design

Electro Design

Using powerful software for electro drawing combined with our expertise can make your desired solution planned and executed to the desired level. Keeping your documentation up to speed to keep your safety and governmental requirements in your electro documentation is something we live for. 



From the smallest HMI cabinets to large control cabinets whether in dry and dust free conditions to salty water and gas infused atmosphere Nebb has a wide range deliveries to meet your demand for encapsulating your electronics.



Having the right data is all about the right sensor for the measurement. Nebb together with all our instrumentation partners can find the recommended instrumentation to achieve the goal you have for your measurements.

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