Pioneering the Digital Future

Digitalisation from the perspective of Operational Technology


Tackling Industrial Challenges in the Age of Industry 4.0.

The transition from conventional operational technology (OT) to a digitalised framework is a complex undertaking, one that necessitates an in-depth comprehension of industrial processes and the application of advanced digital solutions. At Nebb, we approach this challenge with a strategic blend of industry knowledge, technical skill, and a collaborative spirit. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate digital technologies into your existing OT landscape, enhancing efficiency and enabling real-time decision making. By navigating the intricate terrain of Industry 4.0 and OT digitalisation, we help industries unlock new potentials, driving operational excellence and fostering sustainable growth.


Digital Twins

Utilizing our advanced SCADA/HMI solutions, customers have developed digital twins of their industrial assets, equipping them with an in-depth understanding of their systems and enabling prompt response to changes. Nebb leverages this technology to create digital twins for a variety of industrial systems, from manufacturing processes to energy grids. This approach enhances the visibility and control of intricate processes, driving operational efficiency and predictive maintenance in the Industry 4.0 era.


Embracing Industry 4.0

Nebb stands at the forefront of the blurred line between Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0, categorizing projects based on the solutions provided to our customers. We strive to digitally transform manufacturing processes, aiming for higher productivity and efficiency as a part of the fourth industrial revolution.


Digital Transformation

Industrial IoT and digitalization demand a diverse range of technological and methodological expertise. The successful integration of various solution components across multiple technology stacks is a vital part of this digital transformation, achievable only by highly skilled engineers in a collaborative environment.

IoT and Connectivity

As key enablers of Industrial IoT and digitalization, IoT and connectivity facilitate the collection and transfer of large-scale data, laying the groundwork for advanced analytics and actionable insights.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the backbone of digitalization, offering vast, instant, and affordable storage and computing power. It enables agile solution delivery with infinite scalability, a crucial element in the digitalisation of OT.


The integration of AI/ML is a cornerstone of added value in the digitalization process. Our engineers, with their deep domain knowledge, play a key role in delivering effective AI/ML-based solutions to drive decision-making and operational efficiency.

Software Engineering

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