Pioneer in delivering high-quality solutions based on a wide range of technologies 

Since its beginning, Nebb has had the know-how and the experience to provide the optimal solutions for its customers by carefully solving s with the latest technologies and best practices


The right skills for complex industrial challenges

Bringing digitalization to the industry is a very complex and demanding challenge. It requires a deep understanding of the domain, existing traditional processes, and the latest technologies and development processes. Having the right business attitude, technical know-how, and collaboration is the key to delivering the most optimal solutions.


Digital Twins

For more than 25 years, with our SCADA/HMI solutions, customers have created digital twins of their assets to understand their state and to respond to change. With the enabling technologies, Nebb delivers upscaled digital twins that can be applied to large-scale physical objects such as buildings, cities to understand their state and processes.  


Industry 4.0

While there is no strict definition between the Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0, we tend to categorize our projects based on the customer solution that we provide. Industry 4.0 solutions by Nebb digitally transform manufacturing processes. Our main goal is to establish processes that create higher values. 


From Sensor to Cloud and Back

Industrial IoT and digitalization, in general, require know-how in various technologies and methodologies. Integrating all the solution components developed across multiple technology stacks is the precondition for successful solutions. This can be only delivered by highly-skilled engineers in an extremely collaborative environment.

IoT and Connectivity

The IoT and connectivity are great enablers when it comes to Industrial IoT and digitalization. Being able to collect and transfer large-scale data is the first step towards advanced analytics and insights.

Cloud Computing

Many of the digitalization processes are not possible without cloud computing. The infinite, instant, and affordable storage and computing power enable the agile delivery of solutions with infinite scalability.


The digitalization process does not bring added value without AI/ML-backed decisions. Our highly skilled engineers with extensive domain experience are the primary key for delivering AI/ML-based solutions.

Software Engineering

Read more about our software engineering capabilities.