Strong teams from design to delivery on the latest technologies

UI, design, development, testing and delivery.


Microsoft Silver Partner

Nebb is a partner of Microsoft in Application Development. Our strong team focuses on modern cutting-edge technologies with a particular emphasis on .NET framework.

Front End

A prerequisite for a high-quality user experience is the right selection and implementation of front-end technologies. The combination of highly skilled engineers and broad experience in various domains gives us the ability to tackle even the most complex enterprise challenges. Our most significant frontend projects are based on Angular, as our preferred enterprise-level frontend development framework.

Back End

Our experience in providing backend solutions goes from a single API for your frontend application to a scalable distributed system based on the latest architectural styles such as microservices, containers, etc. Our preferred technology stack is based on the .NET framework running in Docker containers in various cloud setups such as AWS Fargate, Azure Container Services, or on-premises environments.


Very often providing web or desktop solutions is not enough. Critical businesses demand more accurate and more reliable information than ever. For such demands providing mobile development services is inevitable. Our dedicated mobile developers currently develop native applications for iOS (Apple) and Android.


Going from Zero to Hero is only possible by leveraging the advantages of cloud computing: trade capital expense for variable expense, pay per use, go global in minutes, and auto scalability. Nebb engineers have equal experience and know-how in providing complex IaaS, Paas, and SaaS solutions in Azure and AWS. Our major competence is in providing GDPR compliant, cost-effective, scalable, and reliable solutions.

QA / Testing

Quality assurance is more important than ever. The end-users refuse to waste their time on unreliable and insecure products. To ensure customers get the best products and maintain their market advantage we apply state-of-art testing techniques and types such as exploratory testing, test automation, and many more. The seamless integration of the QA activities in the Scrum framework, and the DevOps practices is what makes us different.


Bringing development and operations activities is critical for an agile market response. Our engineers can take any application from any repository to any test or production environment. We use Azure Pipelines to provide reliable CI/CD processes for our customers. Our latest activities include integration of our Infrastructure as a Code by using Azure Bicep and AWS Cloud​Formation.


The enterprise applications for decision-makers and mission-critical use cases demand optimal UI and refined UX. Our UI design process starts from the very first customer meeting. Iteratively, we go over various stages of the UI design from sketched mockups over Adobe XD or Photoshop designs to a mocked frontend application.  We apply user story mapping to ensure the UI design follows the requirement analysis.

Agile Development

We cannot be leaders on the market if we are not agile. We deliver, learn, reflect on a daily basis. We transfer our agile mindset to our customers as well. Our teams mostly follow the professional Scrum framework where we support various hybrid models: full Scrum team or you can have the Scrum Master or the Product Owner at your site. To ensure our agility more than 30% of our engineers are PSM I certified.

Cyber Security

As an Independent Software Vendor working with critical systems and cloud solutions, cyber security is front and centre in our strategy. We provide a comprehensive approach and integrate security throughout the build cycle, from design and planning to release and production. We believe that by making security a part of everyone's daily work, we achieve the best overall results in securing our customers' assets.

Industrial IoT & OT Digitalisation

One of our core areas is Industrial IoT. We deliver complex and complete solutions. Contact us for references and a talk about your requirements.

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