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Our dual mission is to equip operators with tools for achieving business excellence and provide management with essential operational insights. We ensure operators have access to the critical information they need for informed decision-making.


At Nebb, our team comprises specialists adept at harnessing the capabilities of a wide array of modern SCADA and HMI products and platforms currently dominating the market. We believe in integrating traditional expertise with contemporary innovations, allowing us to effectively manage and enhance both new and legacy systems. This balanced approach ensures system longevity, functionality enhancement, and robust support, while facilitating necessary upgrades to meet today's evolving industrial standards.

Our innovative approach focuses on creating a harmonious fusion between technology and user experience. We understand that an efficient SCADA system isn't merely about technology; it's about how that technology empowers its users. Therefore, we place significant emphasis on user interface design and customization, allowing us to develop systems that are not just technologically advanced, but also intuitive and user-friendly.

We also recognize the importance of data in today's industrial landscape. That's why we are committed to helping businesses leverage their data for optimal decision-making. Our SCADA solutions are designed to facilitate real-time data monitoring, analysis, and reporting, transforming raw data into actionable insights.

At Nebb, we're not just implementing SCADA systems - we're redefining them. We're leveraging the power of modern technology to create systems that are powerful, user-friendly, and data-driven, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in industrial automation.



Nebb delivers both tailor-made and standardized solutions based on the versatile AVEVA platform. In collaboration with AVEVA, we offer solutions ranging from compact panels to multi-site systems, providing your operators with a comprehensive view of your entire plant and business operations. We invite you to collaborate with us in designing and developing using one of the world's most formidable software portfolios for operations.



NI LabView

If you require high-speed data acquisition, we can work with you to develop solutions tailored to your most rigorous test and capture scenarios. Leveraging our extensive knowledge and your unique requirements, we provide these solutions within a user-friendly package, enabling real-time visualization of your substantial data.

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Azure, IIoT, Cloud & Web UX

Ever wondered about the potential benefits if all your data were accessible anytime, anywhere? Let us guide you through the power of modern cloud and web technologies, making all your data readily available on any web browser at your disposal. Leverage big data, AI and machine learning and get real insights and actions out of your data.

Cloud Industrial IoT Platform: Nebb leverages cloud technology to provide a scalable and secure platform. Our cloud-based solutions enable real-time data processing and improved decision-making capabilities, ensuring you can leverage your operational data anytime, anywhere.

User Experience: At Nebb, we prioritize User Experience (UX) in our design process. We balance sophisticated technology with intuitive interfaces, developing easy-to-navigate solutions that drive user engagement and operational efficiency.

Machine Learning: Nebb integrates Machine Learning into industrial solutions to enhance efficiency and reduce operational costs. Our algorithms analyze complex data, learn from it, and make informed predictions or decisions, enabling your business to become more adaptive and competitive.

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