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Our two-pronged mission is empowering operators to contribute to business excellence; and providing management with important operational insights. Our state-of-the-art HMI/SCADA solutions ensure the operators get the information they need to make the right decisions during operation.

We have decades of experience in developing operator-friendly HMI/SCADA systems, with all the tools operators need in order to supervise and interact with the process.


Nebb have specialist in many of the modern SCADA and HMI products and platforms available in the market today. We also have great experience with older systems in both maintaining them and add new functionality and support as well as upgrading to newer installations to meet today’s requirement.

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AVEVA Wonderware & Citect

Nebb delivers tailor made as well as standardized solutions based on the AVEVA platform. Together with AVEVA we can deliver everything from the smallest panels up to a multi site solution giving your operators a perfect view of the entire plant and business. Let us together with you take part in designing and developing some of the worlds greatest software portfolio for operations.


NI LabView

Have the need to run data acquisition with one of the worlds premier solutions? We can together with our vast knowledge and your requirements develop high speed data acquisition solutions to fit your most demanding test and capture scenarios. This all wrapped up in the most user friendly package to enable you to view your vast data collected calculated and shown in real time.


IIoT & Web UX

Do you wonder what you could do if all data is accessible at all places at all times and how much you could benefit from this? Let us help you out by giving you the power of modern cloud and web technologies to make it all ready for you on whatever web browser you might have at hand.

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