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Automate and control your processes

In an ever more changing and rapid developing world the need for a high quality automation system has never been more important. To be able to quickly adapt to changes in your process, customer base or resource availability is key to your and our success.

We have the experience and the know how to together with you identify and resolve your bottlenecks to give you the best tools to control your process. 



From the state of the art controller solutions to the old relay blocks. We can help you out figuring out the best approach to your control desires and make sure that all the logic needed to run your process are within safe and desired requirements.


Safety systems

Do you have any processes that are in need of a safe shutdown? Let us know and we will make sure that the system is taking care of itself and gives you the ease of mind to operate without any worries for what could happen to your resources and equipment.

Circuit Board


If you need to have a solution that have dedicated usage of hardware and software to suit your product we can help you out from design to delivery. Take your idea to us or let us help you in tailor make the optimal solution for you.

Siemens S7
One of our main competencies is the great selection of controllers and modules in the S7 range.

NI / National Instruments
Nebb is one of NI's main partners in Norway. We focus on the product range NI cRIO and utilise it for complex and critical applications.

Phoenix Contact
We supply solutions built on PLCnext Control. This includes mission-critical systems within the safety domain.

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