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Digitalisation from the perspective of Operational Technology


Automate and Control

In an increasingly dynamic and fast-paced world, the importance of top-tier automation systems has never been more profound. Your ability to swiftly adapt to shifts in your process, customer base, or resource availability is vital for your success - and ours.

At Nebb, we leverage our extensive experience and expertise to collaboratively identify and resolve your process bottlenecks. Our mission is to equip you with the optimal tools to gain complete control over your operations.



We offer guidance on a wide spectrum of controller solutions, from advanced systems to innovative adaptive solutions. Our team ensures that the necessary logic to maintain your process is developed with a focus on safety and efficiency.


Safety Systems

If your operations require a safe shutdown procedure, we provide solutions designed to automate these crucial steps. Our aim is to build systems that are self-regulated, reducing the risk of disruption to your resources and equipment.

Circuit Board

Embedded Solutions

For those seeking dedicated hardware and software solutions, we offer support from initial design to final delivery. We can assist in developing custom solutions tailored to your unique product requirements.

We pride ourselves on our proficiency with the broad array of controllers and modules within the S7 range, one of our core competencies.

NI / National Instruments
As one of NI's primary partners in Norway, we focus on the NI cRIO product range, utilizing it for complex and critical applications.

Phoenix Contact
Nebb supplies solutions built on the reliable PLCnext Control. This includes mission-critical systems within the safety domain.

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