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Finishing Machines

Nebb's Finishing Machines are modern high-quality heatsetting machines, heavily invested in. 

Together with the former Kvaerner and Thune companies, we have supplied finishing machines and related services to the PMC market worldwide for 40 years. We have afterwards continued and expanded the activities within this market.

Based on our experience delivering nearly 100 finishing machines, we are able to offer complete machines which meet modern requirements in production quality, efficiency, and economy.

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Steam Box

Nebb have for years developed a new finishing machine concept with the following main objectives:
  • Reduce sequence duration (production time).
  • Reduce energy consumption.
  • Improve product quality through increased process controllability.
  • Reduce environmental load.

Edge Cutter

Instead of the manually performed trimming and sealing of fabric edges while the product is still on the finishing machine, we have developed an automatic edge trimming device which simplifies this time-consuming process. It also eliminates the risk of a personal injury, and increases the production capacity. 


Permeability Gauge 

The NebbPerm measuring gauge can be a hand-held unit or carriage-mounted on a high precision linear rail, allowing controlled positioning for fixed- or cross-machine measurements, as preferred. The rail can be mounted on the cantilever beam or on another suitable location on the machine.

The operator interface can run through existing HMI software, or through a separate PC. Customer-specific reports can be generated at request.



Emergency Roll Braking System 

When operating a finishing machine, personnel can be exposed to hazardous situations. Working close to large rolls rotating with high inertia demands extra caution. Official safety regulations require the installation of systems to minimize operator injuries. Nebb have developed a disc braking system to stop rotation as quickly as possible in emergency situations.

High quality end products 

The core activity is completing and optimization of machine systems from scratch, carefully following the conceptual design at an early stage.

Efficient production process 

Our Engineers' knowledge and experience in use of various CAD and CAE tools is incorporated throughout the product life cycle 

Overall cost reduction 

Increased product inventiveness, reduced released time of the product on the market, hence reducing the production expenses in general. 

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