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Subsea Variable Speed Drives 

Nebb has developed and qualified subsea variable speed drives (VSD) for operations down to 3000 meters below sea level. 

  • Qualified units: 5.5 kW, 10 kW and 55 kW
  • Under development: 160 kW, and 400+ kW

The VSD's are based on well proven industrial technology, and are qualified according to API 17F and ISO 13628-6.

Key properties: 

  • Small - competing solutions are many times bigger. 
  • Proven - thousands sold for onshore use. 
  • Flexible - operates many types of motors, included induction machines, permanent magnet and servo motors.  
  • Robust - tolerates vibration, shock and electrical fluctuations.
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Subsea Control Systems

Nebb delivers complete control systems for subsea systems, including topside control rooms.

Nebb can deliver complete control systems for both permanent subsea installations and temporary equipment.





Subsea Motors

Picking the right motor for a subsea application is essential, and not straight forward. As a manufacturer of subsesa VSD.

Nebb has an in-depth knowledge of all relevant motor alternatives and their suitability in different conditions. 


Subsea Canisters (Pods)

Nebb has vast experience in designing a wide variety of subsea canisters/pods for electric, electronic and other equipment. 

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