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Wolfgang Trötscher working on VSD 45kW

Responsive & Ready to Rock.

Nebb delivers complete control systems for subsea systems, including topside control rooms.

The Nebb design principle is to go for robust, common-off-the-shelf (COTS) components in the subsea electronic module. The COTS and standard components are used throughout to create a cost-effective, reliable, and maintainable solution. 


Safety SEM

The Nebb safety SEM is based on commercial off-the-shelf components that provides field experience and reliability while reducing the cost and complexity.

The standard safety SEM is qualified according to API 17F (Q1 & Q2) and provides SIL2 & SIL 3 functional safety according to IEC 61508 & 61511. The safety SEM solution provides energize-to-trip functionality and seamless integration for redundant operation together with our subsea UPS.

The safety SEM is developed based on a modular framework, giving flexibility and supporting a wide range of automation modules for any customer needs.  


Subsea Control Systems

Nebb is capable of delivering subsea electronic modules based on our qualified control system components for API 17F.

The Nebb SEM supports Modbus TCP, Profinet, ProfiSafe, Ethernet/IP, OPC UA as communication interface.

A wide range of I/O and SIIS interfaces are available, together with an insulation monitoring relay for detecting critical earth faults. Built in water leakage detection and temperature monitoring are default.

The SEM is installed in our standard 1000m or 3000m subsea housings. Custom depths available upon request. The SEM can be designed for customer specific connectors.

Nebb VSD-narrow


Subsea Battery UPS

The subsea UPS consists of several Li-ion cells, with a complete charging unit and battery management system qualified for
API 17F.

The subsea UPS is contained in a separate subsea housing and supplies continuous 24VDC to any subsea electronic modules (SEM) or subsea control modules (SCM).

The Subsea UPS is used together with our Safety SEM to provide back-up power as required according to IEC 61508 & 61511 for energizing DCV's and providing functional safety.


  • Qualified according to
    • ISO 13628-6
    • API 17F
  • Operating depth: 0-3000m.
  • Functional Safety IEC 61508 & IEC 61511
  • RoHS IEC63000:2016
  • No 765/2008 CE marking

Key characteristics

  • Small - low complexity compared to custom solutions.
  • Proven - Consisting of COTS providing field-proven components.
  • Robust - tolerate vibration, shock, and electrical fluctuations. 
  • Dual barrier - seals for canister and connectors.