Nebb becomes part of Init – Creating a Nordic Champion in Automation and Industrial IT

11-Aug-2023 14:00:00

Nebb and Init - Photo by Ingar Sørensen

In the photo above, from left: Espen Trengereid (Nebb COO), Alexander Risøy (Nebb CEO), Knut Akselvoll (Init Group CEO), Espen Davidsen (Nebb CTO), Frederik Klinge (Init Group CBDO). // Photo by Ingar Sørensen.


With the acquisition of Norwegian Nebb, Init strengthens its position on the Scandinavian market.

Init was established in January 2022 with the merger of Danish Picca and PD-Automation, and includes Swedish-Norwegian Acobia, Swedish Martensson Consulting and the Danish companies Logimatic, AN Group, Inuatek, 3Tech Automation, ProjectBinder, MBB Consult, Daniit. and now Norwegian Nebb.

Since 1996, Nebb has provided solutions for automation and industrial IT within process industry, pharma, marine, energy, and subsea. Nebb aims to be at the very forefront of technology and a center of excellence in their fields of competences. The company is headquartered in Asker, Norway and has an office in Skopje, North Macedonia.

Alexander Risøy, CEO of Nebb says: “Nebb has strong organisations in both Norway and North Macedonia constituting a great foundation for further development and growth, in which we have found Init to be the best partner for us. The partnership is built on a common a strategic vision, similar values, and the motivation for working together for the greater good of our employees, our customers, and our planet. Nebb has deep roots and experience with automation and with the recent years investment in industrial cloud solutions and IIoT, Nebb is truly at the forefront as advisor, software developer and system integrator within Industry 4.0 and the entire converging landscape of IT/OT. We look forward to becoming an even stronger partner in and outside Norway and collaborate with all our new colleagues throughout Europe.”

Nebb will maintain its current activities, including work and project approaches, and the management will continue in their current roles.

Knut Akselvoll, CEO of Init says: “Nebb will especially contribute to our joint group with competences in software development, process knowledge, IT/OT architecture and specialized solutions for marine and subsea control systems. With Nebb as part of the Init group, we now have a strong presence in Norway, as well as Denmark and Sweden. It is an important step towards our ambition to become the Nordic region's leading supplier of industrial IT and automation solutions for the industry.”
With Nebb joining the group, Init now has approximately 540 employees at 28 locations in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Serbia, Spain, and North Macedonia.

nebb-logo-dark-RGB@3xAbout Nebb:
Nebb provides automation and industrial IT within process industry, pharma, marine, energy, and subsea. Nebb focuses on Industry 4.0, excelling at the intersection of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT), and does digitalization from the perspective of Operational Technology. A diverse pool of talent enables Nebb to address a wide range of technological challenges and deliver tailored solutions to the most demanding customers. The company is headquartered in Asker, Norway, and has an office in Skopje, North Macedonia. Read more about Nebb at

About Init:
Init is a group of software companies providing sustainable, innovative, and long-term industry-specific automation solutions to a wide range of manufacturing companies in Scandinavia and abroad. Init was established in January 2022 and today consists of 11 automation companies with around 540 highly qualified employees at locations in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Serbia, Spain, and North Macedonia. Read more about Init at

About Axcel:
Axcel was founded in 1994 and is a Nordic private equity fund focusing on investments in medium-sized companies with a broad base of both Nordic and international investors. Over the past 25 years, Axcel has raised six funds with total capital commitments of EUR 2.8 billion. The funds have made a total of 64 platform investments with more than 150 add-on investments and 48 exits. Read more about Axcel on

Further information:
Knut Akselvoll, CEO
Phone: +45 30 42 90 88

Alexander Risøy, CEO
Phone: +47 91 58 99 56

Christoffer Müller, Partner
Phone: +45 29 38 53 66

Christian Schmidt-Jacobsen, Managing Partner
Phone: +45 21 78 36 97

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