Cyber Security in OT

By Alexander Risøy on 09-Jun-2023 09:50:56

Get ready for Cyber Security at Energy:Connected 2023!  Join us on the 15th of June @ 15:30 for a compelling MasterClass on Cyber Security in OT at Fornebu, Norway. 
The session addresses two pivotal trends in the industry: 
🔹 Converging IT/OT 🏭 🧑‍💻 
🔹 Industrial Cyber Security 🌐🔒 
It is an honour to present the following distinguished speakers:  

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Nebb Summer School '23

By Alexander Risøy on 15-May-2023 23:57:09

Our popular Nebb Summer School is back with Cloud Development Internships at our Skopje office. Choose between this year's flavours - DevOps or UI - to match your interests and expertise. Work alongside real teams, design and implement features, and build your first cloud API. Learn the latest cloud architecture design patterns and IIoT technologies, experience the DevOps world, and envision the UI for Industry 4.0.

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