Nebb Summer School '23

15-May-2023 23:57:09

Our popular Nebb Summer School is back with Cloud Development Internships at our Skopje office. Choose between this year's flavours - DevOps or UI - to match your interests and expertise. Work alongside real teams, design and implement features, and build your first cloud API. Learn the latest cloud architecture design patterns and IIoT technologies, experience the DevOps world, and envision the UI for Industry 4.0.

Attention tech students! Are you ready to launch your career into the cloud? Look no further than Nebb's Nebbonaut Mission 2023!

Nebb Summer School will be led by top Nebb engineers, you'll improve your technical and soft skills and gain valuable experience for your future career. And if you're one of our best-performing interns, you could even score an employment offer to continue your career in the same environment.

Don't miss your chance to become a Nebbonaut - apply now and become part of the buzz!

The candidates will be part of an existing development team that works on a real product living in the cloud. The candidates will work together with the team on product backlog refinement, sprint planning, and sprint execution. During the sprints, the candidates will design and implement various backlog features based on their competence level. The candidates will have the opportunity to get familiar with the Azure cloud technologies and IIoT Technologies, understand and apply cloud architecture design patterns, and participate in architecture reasoning sessions.

This year we have created the program in two flavours: DevOps and UI. After completing the cloud development part, candidates can choose a specialization and gain a deeper knowledge of the DevOps world or experience the challenges in modern UI and UX.

Learn more and apply for the summer school below.

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