Cyber Security in OT

By Alexander Risøy on 09-Jun-2023 09:50:56

Get ready for Cyber Security at Energy:Connected 2023!  Join us on the 15th of June @ 15:30 for a compelling MasterClass on Cyber Security in OT at Fornebu, Norway. 
The session addresses two pivotal trends in the industry: 
🔹 Converging IT/OT 🏭 🧑‍💻 
🔹 Industrial Cyber Security 🌐🔒 
It is an honour to present the following distinguished speakers:  

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Go Digital, Stay Secure

By Miroslav Janeski on 15-Dec-2021 13:37:39

The following blog post summarizes my reasoning on how to deliver solutions that provide digitalization and how to stay secure and stay the course. My reasoning is mostly influenced by the Hyppönen Law, and by the latest trends in the software development world. The most important thing about security and digitalization is that they have to be aligned. Additionally, it is a continuous process and not a one-time checklist.

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NDC Oslo 2021 – Summary

By Miroslav Janeski on 06-Dec-2021 15:14:36

NDC Oslo 2021 is over. Amazing three days with significant information overload. First of all, congrats to the organization @NDC_Conferences. Another special edition of NDC. My way to evaluate a conference is by the speakers and topics selection. All my expectations came true. Very often, I was not sure which session to visit, so many hard choices 😊

Topics: Software Social
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NDC Oslo 2021 – Day 1 Impressions

By Miroslav Janeski on 01-Dec-2021 23:45:00

Before the conference, I planned one blog post to wrap up my NDC Oslo 2021 impressions. However, I decided to have several shorter blog posts with the information overload I got on the first day. Even though I had my selection of sessions that I planned to visit, I still made a couple of ad-hoc changes since I could not decide which session was better. Though I have to be honest, I made a couple of bad selections as well.

Topics: Software Social
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NDC Oslo 2021 - My Favorites

By Miroslav Janeski on 26-Nov-2021 11:59:28

Yes, it’s conference time. After two years of online meetings, workshops, brainstorming & roadmap sessions, endless webinars, now it’s time for an in-person conference. Next week I’m visiting NDC Oslo 2021, one of the best conferences in Europe. NDC is famous for its wide but refined selection of speakers and topics that is attractive even for the pickiest developers. Based on the conference agenda and the speaker selection, I can detect certain trends next year. Here are my favorites.

Topics: Software Social
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DevReach Sofia 2018 Impressions

By Jovica Mitkovski on 04-Dec-2018 14:26:00

A few weeks ago, I had a chance to attend the DevReach software development conference, which took place on November 12-14 in Sofia, Bulgaria. This year, the conference was a 3-day event with a pre-conference workshop held on the first day and 2 days of conference sessions.
DevReach strives to be the premier developer conference in Central and Eastern Europe. With more than 800 attendees from nearly 20 countries this year DevReach marked its 10th edition. The conference is intended for IT professionals engaged or interested in application development. This event featured world-renowned industry experts who shared their knowledge in a stimulating, enjoyable and friendly atmosphere. As a conference, DevReach offers the ideal opportunity to enhance your proficiency in software application development and boost your confidence.

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NDC Oslo 2017 Impressions

By Miroslav Janeski on 05-Jun-2017 11:14:00

A couple of weeks ago, I had a great opportunity to visit NDC Oslo 2017. NDC stands for Norwegian Developers Conference and is one of Europe`s largest conferences for .NET & Agile development. The first conference was held in Oslo in 2008 and today NDC Conferences are 5-day events with 2 days of pre-conference workshops and 3 days of conference sessions and are being held in Oslo, London, Sydney, and Copenhagen. What makes the NDC different is the quality and the quantity of the speakers and the topics it offers. Having this in mind I must say it is always a challenge to select the right sessions or to choose one session over several popular ones.

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