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04-Jun-2021 14:41:00

Nebb Summer School

Explore our transformative Nebb Summer School 2021 program for university students and challenge yourself in a hands-on academic environment

Our internship program is a set of tailored internship positions for the best technology university students. For its duration, you will meet new people from different IT fields where you will be able to share ideas, exchange experiences and cultivate long-term professional relationships with mutual benefits.

At Nebb we firmly believe in learning by doing, therefore the interns will be part of real teams in a natural development and will have ample opportunities to expand their skills. Networking is an essential part of career development and here in Nebb you will be able to:

  • Learn about our company and departments
  • Be part of a real engineering team
  • Work closely with a dedicated senior mentor for technical and soft skills
  • Experience cooperation and teamwork
  • Get acquainted with our development opportunities
  • Develop your talents for open roles within our company 
  • Enhance your education
  • Balance responsibilities with independence
  • Get an opportunity for employment for high-performing interns
  • Build important life skills that can make your university future a success

Join in and become a Nebbonaut.

Start your internship journey this Summer with Nebb Summer School 2021.

Marija Todorova

Written by Marija Todorova

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