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Experience Internship at Nebb

By Marija Todorova on 04-Jun-2021 14:41:00

Explore our transformative Nebb Summer School 2021 program for university students and challenge yourself in a hands-on academic environment

Our internship program is a set of tailored internship positions for the best technology university students. For its duration, you will meet new people from different IT fields where you will be able to share ideas, exchange experiences and cultivate long-term professional relationships with mutual benefits.

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From Plastic Waste and Wood to Fish Farming and Energy

By Marija Todorova on 09-Oct-2018 11:57:00

Focusing on sustainable industrial production, Nebb has developed an industry cluster that combines several industry processes to achieve zero emission production. Centrally here is oxyfuel energy production based on solid fuels in combination with by-products from other industries which is very valuable for achieving good profitability and sustainable development.

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Nebb and Pro-Group Join Forces with New Technology in Heat-Setting Machinery

By Marija Todorova on 26-Sep-2016 14:10:00

Having served the PMC market for decades, the two Norwegian companies gear up with the development of a new standard for the PMC industry.

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Nebb Subsea VSDs showcased at Subsea Valley Conference 2016

By Marija Todorova on 27-Jul-2016 13:00:00

Topics: Subsea Oil & Gas
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Process Pilot 4 released

By Marija Todorova on 29-Jun-2015 13:00:00

The fourth generation of our recipe system is now available. A simple and time-saving solution tailored for the Paper Machine Clothing industry. 

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